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In the civilized world the probability of encountering a person, not read a single book is zero. All we read some more, some less. Meets with the literature of people from infancy. The first book with a hard cover and large bright pictures are perceived as a toy. It is interesting to leaf through, to look at and even try on a tooth. Then there are the stories that my mother reads. For many children - is the best moments - is the unity with his mother close akin breastfeeding. When she belongs only to the child, it no distractions, she gently hugs the baby and gentle voice reading an interesting story. Sooner or later, the child himself develops reading skills, and reading the books that are interesting to him, and of those that were asked at school. Regularly reading almost everyone up to a higher graduation. And after the world is split in two. One half of the proceeds to read and develop a lifetime. The second content acquired knowledge in the youth period and remains at that level until a ripe old age. Why there is this division, we do not know. We, as a people, endlessly in love with the book, do not understand the arguments of opponents of reading.

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